3 Huge Keys Of A Professional Video Production

Creating a professionally choreographed video production is both an art and a science unto itself. There is a myriad of moving parts that must be properly planned, staged, synchronized, edited in order to create a seamless and flawless audio-visual viewer experience. These interdependent facets of filmography must be carefully interwoven together in order to yield professional, high-quality results that are worthy of leaving an indelible impact on the psyche of your audience.

What are the key elements of any professionally choreographed video production? Entire treatises have been written on the subject. However, here are 5 key elements that any aspiring videographer should be keenly aware of.

#1: Using The Right Equipment

Put that smartphone away. You’re not going to need it. What you need to be using is a professional, commercial-grade video camera. Not only that, you’re also going to need commercial-grade audio equipment that can cancel out ambient noise and pick up audio directly from the source. Then there is lighting. Lighting can make or break the quality of your presentation. Using inadequate or improperly positioned lighting sources can be a deal breaker that can leave the audience feeling underwhelmed or disappointed.

#2: Location, Location, Location

Where you shoot your video is every bit as important as how you shoot it. Are you filming against a green screen? Are you filming in a live venue or on a stage? Will there be a backdrop or open air? Where you shoot your film dictates not only the logistics of how you need to go about setting it up, but also has ramifications with respect to how the final product will turn out. The background can accentuate the people in the film, or it can take on a life and personality of its own.

#3: Prepare A Detailed Storyboard

You can have all the right equipment and have set up the right location for your video shoot. But the quality of your video production will be moot unless you have spent the time to prepare a fully detailed storyboard ahead of time. An effectively produced storyboard will help you visualize how you want your video to look, scene-by-scene. What camera angles are being used in each shot? What dialogues is each person saying? What is the location of that shot? What is happening in each scene? The last thing you want is to have just one stationary camera pointing at one fixed location at all times. That does not make for a very engaging presentation. Furthermore, shooting a movie ad-hoc without a plan can prove to be very time-consuming, counterproductive, and can yield lackluster results. A storyboard will help you weave together a seamless story or presentation that will effectively convey a message to your viewers.

All in all, creating a professionally choreographed video production takes practice, and that can only come with experience. Don’t be afraid to fail. Just get out there and do it. Get out there and film that video.

And don’t be afraid to seek the help of a professional who can mentor and coach you through your movie production, and even provide the videography services and equipment that you need. Crown Media Group is your one-stop video production services solution provider.

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