Why Smart Phones Will Never Replace A Professional Camera

Everyone has a smartphone these days. With a smartphone, ownership of standalone digital video camera has plummeted. After all, who needs a separate video camera when you have one right at built into your phone right at your fingertips, right? Not only that, but with every new generation of phones that is released on the market, the smartphone camera seems to be getting… well, smarter! And the resolution is only getting sharper. But despite all of that, let me tell you something:

The smartphone camera will never be able to replace a professional, commercial grade camera. Here are three simple reasons why:

Reason #1: Sensor Size – When it comes to differentiating between amateur video versus professional video, size matters. Even though smartphone video cameras have come a long way since they were first introduced, your camera’s capabilities are limited by the size of the phone, the lens aperture, and the internal components that comprise the video recording system. The larger the sensor, the better the field of vision. Depth and zoom is essential to being able to producing a more cinematic effect. Sure, today’s modern smartphones have better resolution and better zoom. But they are still constrained by the overall compact size of the phone.

Reason #2: More Intuitive Onboard Functionality – Maximizing the use of the onboard real estate of your smartphone is a challenge for the manufacturer. Settings for adjusting your shutter speed, aperture, ISO settings, lighting, focus, so on and so forth, are relegated to menu options on the screen that you must cycle through. With a professional grade camera, these options can be easily accessed instantly, with minimal need to ever have to fumble around, looking through various menus and sub-menus to find it, whereas with a professional camera these settings are much more accessible at your fingertips, such that you don’t even have to stop in the middle of a recording in order to find these settings.

Reason #3: More Versatility – A smartphone is akin to a “Swiss-Army-knife”. It is one device that does many things well. But a professional video camera is designed to do one thing very well. There are only so many camera features that can be packed into the space of a smartphone, the target user base of a smartphone video camera are home users, who might use their cameras for casual, personal use. It is when you want to produce a commercial-grade, high-quality video production, that you will find that a smartphone camera to be rather limiting. A professional video camera boasts many more features and greater versatility, hands-down.


Filming a video with a smartphone can certainly “get the job done” for do-it-yourself personal home videos. But videos filmed with a smartphone just won’t make the cut if your goal is to produce something of a cinematic quality or of a commercial nature. Crown Media Group is has the equipment and the expertise available to help you film your next video.

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