Wowing Your Viewers With Beautiful And Compelling Video

Have you ever watched a video only to be awestruck by the picturesque scene unfolding before you? The vivid colors, the sharpness and clarity of the video, the way the camera pans, zooms, and focuses on its subject and the surrounding area can all astound, amaze, and captivate you. You think to yourself in amazement, “How did they film that?” These types of impactful videos are the hallmark of professional filmography, tried and true. These are the types of videos that leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Just whipping out a camera and clicking the record button doesn’t make the grade and cannot do justice to what is truly possible out there in the realm of professional world of filmmaking.

So, what separates mediocre videography from spectacular videography? There is much that can be said on this subject. But there are three main pillars of professional videography that you must take into consideration when planning to shoot a film:

Seeking Out The Right Setting

If you are required to film in a specific venue, then you will need to experiment with what is the best way to make that venue come to life on film. The angle, luminosity and color of the lighting makes all the difference. Different types of lighting can transform the same stage from something drab and dreary to something vibrant and alluring. The color scheme of the walls, the decor and even the flooring all matter.

If you are free to choose the venue of your video shoot, then it can take quite a bit of scouting and reconnaissance to identify the perfect backdrop for each scene that you are shooting. Are you indoors or outdoors? Are you in an open field or in a forest, in a mountain range or an urban city block? Location, location, location. It matters.

Crafting Your Costumes

Wardrobe matters when you are on film. If you want to draw attention to the people featuring in your film, if you want to accentuate their personality and bring their character to life, then it is imperative that you pay attention to what the people featuring in your film are wearing and how they are wearing it. This holds true both for choreographed films as well as when filming a live event. Wardrobe sets the tone and mood of your presentation and speaks volumes about the people featured in. This is not something you want to leave to chance. A professional videographer will not neglect to pay attention to this detail.

Strategic Storyboarding

“Winging it” is not a winning strategy when it comes to putting together a quality video production. Any successful video presentation requires painstakingly paying meticulous attention to detail.

Long before you hit the record button on the camera, you need to draft a complete storyboard that visualizes each and every scene in detail: The location, the backdrop, the props, the positioning of the characters, the facial expressions, the dialogues, the poses and the actions of each of the characters. The more granular your storyboard, the more apt you are to succeed at controlling every element of its production. You can go frame-by-frame, shot-by-shot, sequence-by-sequence.

That’s A Wrap

To maximize cinematic effect and audience receptiveness, it is imperative that you adopt the tenets of the aforementioned tripartite strategy. Delving into each tenet of this strategy will help you achieve professional-quality results and produce a captivating and compelling video.

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